​Your team is a small consulting IG Company.

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The paper should be of 11 pages and there should be ten slides on the PPT. and it should be on AUTO INSURANCE COMPANY ONLY . with release 6 reference.

I have also attached the APA paper format for sure . i also attached the ppt given by prof about APA format please have a look once

References should be excluded . in page count

Your team is a small consulting IG Company. You are hired to go into different companies to assist them with implementing an IG department. Each Team member needs to be assigned a role within the consulting company. Develop a Full playbook for this company who has hired your team.

Industry— Auto Insurance

Playbook must include:

– Table of Contents with correct formatted headings

– IG Department Mission & Purpose (include Framework)

– Roles & Responsibility of your Consulting Company

– Develop IG Strategic Plan & Strategy Map for Growth & Improvement (Smart Art Graphic)

– Record Keeping Principles & Identify Legal & Regulatory Requirements

– Develop Risk Assessment ■ Risk Profile ■ Identify any Potential Risks ■ Risk Mitigation Plan ■ How will you measure results

– Develop Process for managing Email, Instant Messaging, Old Records, Data Security etc.

– Develop Record Inventory Electronic Survey for other departments (min 10 questions)

– Develop Records Retention Schedule – Quarterly Consulting Finance Expense Sheet

– Add anything else you believe will enhance your playbook – Reference Page

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