you will need to write a minimum three paragraph essay you will be allowed approximately one hour to complete this assignment

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view this… &three pieces of art and will ask you to briefly analyze one of the pieces. You will need to write a minimum three paragraph essay according to the instructions outlined in the assignment. You will be allowed approximately one hour and one attempt to complete this assignment. In each short essay submission I will be grading on following the assignment, structure, flow, correct grammar usage, clearly supported thesis statement, and insight. Analysis

The Short Essays and other written assignments in this course will, typically, call for you to analyze a piece of art in relation to culture and the study of humanities. You will not be asked to provide a summary of what you see; you do not need to simply describe the picture or retell what the poem says because you can assume your reader (your instructor and your classmates) can see the same picture or read the same poem. Your assignment is not a book report or an encyclopedia entry.

Instead, you need to offer your analysis of how the piece of art conveys a theme about our collective human culture. The terms for analyzing the piece presented in the prompt should be the focus of your writing; your analysis should be the focus of the essay throughout.

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Additionally, you should consider your Short Essay Exam submissions to be formal pieces of writing. Though you will write these fairly quickly in a timed setting, they should still be organized and presented as an academic analysis. In other words, the Short Essay is not a diary or journal entry; you should refrain from using first person (I, me, my) and second person (you, your) in your academic writing.

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