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Book Review Essay: The Unequal City

The book review essay is on Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State. The essay
asks you to evaluate the book while drawing on readings and lectures from weeks 4 through 6.

Students are required to answer the four prompts below. Answers should be two pages long
(double space, 12-point font, 1-inch margins). We are assessing your knowledge of course
materials (lectures and readings). MLA or APA formats are acceptable. Submit in Word or
PDF format only. Do not submit in Pages format.

Your answers must be written in a standard essay format consisting of a short introduction (with
a thesis statement), supporting paragraphs that respond to each of the prompts, and a short
conclusion. There should be no more than two direct quotations.

Capital City

  1. What does Stein mean by the real estate state? Is the real estate state neoliberal? Support
    your answer.
  2. What are the principal causes of gentrification?
  3. According to Stein, what are the specific things that planners do to support gentrification?
  4. What are important consequences from gentrification?

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