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Recruitment/Retention Memo

During our week one and two, reading assignments and group discussions, we discuss recruitment and retention, employee pay and benefits, performance evaluations and employee motivation. In our online discussions we discuss these issues in the context of Gallup’s 2016 survey showing that 71% of state and local employees are not engaged in their work and 17% are actively disengaged. We also discuss unique challenges associated with millennials – increasingly becoming the largest cohort in the workforce – working in traditional, rule bound, hierarchical workplaces. This is an opportunity for you to reflect on how these issues currently impact your current or past work place. In a (minimum) one page single-spaced memo addressed to an *executive level employee at your organization:

  1. Summarize a specific recruitment, retention and/or motivational challenge experienced at your workplace. Use data and stats when possible;
  2. Incorporating concepts from the lecture, text and/or research from articles, provide a compelling argument about why this issue deserves immediate attention and consequences of continuing with the current course of action – or no action; and
  3. Present a minimum of two (2) specific recommended actions. Include timelines, responsible parties, expected outcomes for improved recruitment/retention and/or employee motivation and how performance outcomes will be measured.

[NOTE: If you have no current or past professional experience in an organization where this assessment can be completed, please complete one of the two alternative assignments described in the attached document].

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