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Please read the assignment direction and outcome then write 3 Pages with at least 4 sources


Did you ever notice how a song can unleash a flood of memory? Or how we attach specific songs to specific events? Or how some music captures part of how you are? In this assignment, you will choose three songs that are a soundtrack for your life and that you can use to make an effective connection with your audience.

  • 1) Choose one of the following prompts to use to tell your story and organize your writing:
    • a) Write about the most challenging experience in your life. Explain the events leading up to the event, and what happened after. Describe how the experience affected or changed your life.
    • b) Write about making a change I your life. Describe why and how the change occurred. Explain whether the change was positive or negative and how or if this impacted your life.
    • c) Write about how your upbringing helped to define the person you are today. Describe whether culture and environment had any influence in how your identity was shaped.
    • d) Write about the most memorable moment in your life. Explain how and why this moment is of importance. Give a lot of descriptive and sensory details.
    • e) Write about the most influential person in your live. Describe what this person has taught you about life and how their influence has shaped the person you are.
  • 2) Brainstorm a list of specific details about your chosen prompt that captures why you selected each song; include lines from the lyrics (minimum of two different liens from three different songs). Ut is in the body paragraphs where you will tell us your story and tie the lyrics into the telling of your story.
  • 3) Compose an attention-grabbing lead for your writing!
  • 4) Compose an ending that …. Ends. You can feel when a piece REALLY ends, but it may take a few tries to get there


Through this assignment, students will know and able to …

  • A) …. Write purposefully about another medium.
  • B) …. Use MLA formatting for in-text citations and the Works Cited page.
  • C) … Write using first person.
  • D) … Make a connection with readers.
  • E) … Use significant detail and description

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