Write a Persuasive Eassy about an Eating Disorder, assignment help

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Persuasive Eaasy about Eating Disorders

Introduction + 5 Paragrahs (each point to sustain the point) + Conclusion (Total 2 to 3 well developed pages)

It has to sho a very persuasive spin showing the best way to avoid developoing the eating disorder or can also be the best way to recover…

The statement is around the following:

Eating disorders are
serious disturbances and complex conditions with unhealthy consequences that
cross the border line of a normal, healthy way of thinking and behaving about a
balance diet and food. An “Eating Disorder” is a behavior associated with
woman, weight and eats; however, it is more than that. Anyone can end with an
eating disorder, involving underlying problems, compensatory behaviors and
health risks to be evaluated. An “Eating Disorder” can be a silent killer, and
its cure can be a challenge

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