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write a paragraph for each (separately)

1- The Institute of Medicine’s 1999 report, To Err is Human, shocked people with its estimate of the number of preventable deaths that occur in the health care system in the United States. (You will recall that a synopsis of this report is required reading for this week.)

It seems like 1999 is a long time ago. Do you think that the health care industry is doing enough to address the issues cited in the report?

Some of the things you might comment upon include:
• Have we started out strong and faded? Is Health Reform eclipsing this as a hot button issue?

• What is our role as health care professionals in dealing with the issues cited? How do we balance this with other pressures?

• Have you seen evidence in your jobs/internships that this remains an important issue?

• Do you think we are making progress?

• Any other thoughts you have

2 The White material this week talks about four related but different clinical tools:

• Clinical Practice Guidelines
• Patient Management Protocols
• Functional Protocols
• Interdisciplinary Plan of Care

Is there a simple way to explain the differences between the tools and how they are interrelated?

3- read the case attached in Word file then answer this question

As the hospital CEO, what would you do, if you had received this memorandum?

4- Also from the case, answer:

What are some of the problems with patient care in this hospital?

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