write a paper critiquing and examining a secondary article

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For this assignment, it will critique a secondary article which i attached. it should refer back to the journal

1.Summarize the Article: What is the author discussing in this article? What is the
argument/main point that the author is trying to make?

2. Evidence: What types of evidence does the author use? Is there any types of evidence
that you could think of that would reinforce the author’s argument?

3. Analyze the article: After writing about the main point and the type of evidence, did the
author use the evidence to convincingly to reinforce their main point? Why or Why not?

4. Further research: Do you agree or disagree with the conclusions of the article? If you
were to research this topic more, what would be you next step to expand this research?

Each question above should be a new heading in the paper. I do not expect a flowing
narrative with this paper. Instead, I want you to simple provide the answers to the
questions above.
• Each question should be roughly 2 paragraph.

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