Write 4 page paper in Public health

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Choose a topic for the four page paper from one of the chapters listed below

XII. Discussion Paper: You are to choose any chapter other than the one you did your power Point presentation on, write a discussion paper on the topic of that chapter, and explain how it is important to the field of Public Health. It is to be submitted in the Discussion Paper Assignment box. In your paper, you are to site a minimum of four references that support your opinion or assertions. This paper will be worth 115 Points at course end. TURNITIN will be used to check for plagiarism. No more than 50% of your paper can come from other sources including previously submitted papers to other courses. If you want the opportunity to fix any problems in your paper discovered in the grading process, do not wait until the last minute to submit it.

Topics to be Covered

1. Overview of Public Health Administration

2. Historical Developments in Public Health in the 21st Century

3. Public Health and Social Determinants of Health

4. Public Health Administration and Practice Framework

5. Organization of the Public Health System

6. Professionalism and Ethics in Public Health Practice

7. Public Health Law

8. Public Health Policy

9. Public Health Finance

10. The Public Health Workforce

11. Human Resources Management in Public Health

12. Leadership for Public Health

13. Public Health Information Systems and Management

14. Geographic Information Systems for Public Health

15. Public Health Surveillance

16. Strategic Planning in Public Health

17. Performance Management in Public Health

18. Engaging Communities and building Constituencies for Public Health

19. Evaluation of Public Health Programs

20. Advancing Public Health Systems Research

21. Social Marketing and Consumer-based Approaches in Public Health

22. Prevention, Health Education, and Health Promotion

23. Evidence-Based Public Health Management and Practice

24. Social Entrepreneurship and Public Health

25. Disaster Preparedness ans Public Health Response

26. Public Health and Healthcare Quality

27. Global Health Challenges and Opportunities

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