write 2.5-3 page Campaign Description

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oSituation Analysis (2-4 paragraphs)

oTarget Audience description (1 page)

oSWOT Analysis (1 page)

Situation Analysis (2-4 paragraphs) – (Short and sweet version of the SWOT)

oSave deep analysis for the campaign description

oProduct Benefits (1-3 paragraphs)

§Benefits of wienerschnitzel’s food, current standing, overall presence

§Personal opinions on the food, restaurant, etc

oCurrent Brand Image (1 paragraph): How does weinerschnitzel’s image look to the world?

§They’re edgy, a little too edgy.(I <3 weiners, etc)

§Restaurants aren’t too modern or impressive (what else?)

§How’s the food? Compared to others?

§Staff, internet reviews, etc

§Personal opinions

SWOT Analysis (1 page)


§What’s good about them? What are they doing right?

(Food, Image to the world, Restaurants, How they stand out from competition)

Other Strengths?


§What are they doing wrong?

§What are they NOT doing?

§Other weaknesses?


§What are they opportunities are they missing out on?

§What can they dip into?

§How can the food change? How can the brand image be changed?

§Other opportunities?


§What are competitors doing that they aren’t?

§Why are competitors doing better if they are?

§Other threats?

Target Audience (Research them, Save your links that you use)

oTrendsetters & Communicators (Big internet presence, etc)

§What do they do, how do they act, what do they like?


oLike to try new things

oLike to help the world

oLike to stand out compared to society

oWhat else?Elaborate on them.

§Research them overall

Gather as much information on them as you can find

Save your links and where you find information

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