Working with special populations

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Working with Special Populations

Here is your scenario for this assignment: You are a health educator working in the community setting in Birmingham. Your organization just received a 5 year grant to work with children with ADHD and their families, discussing the importance of hand washing and other hygienic practices to reduce the spread of communicable disease such as flu, TB, colds, or HIV (you choose the communicable disease). Collect the following information as part of your research paper: cite your references using APA format

  • Demographics (age of onset, current incidence and prevalence rates, trend data)
  • Health Disparities for this condition
  • Describe the national data related to the chosen communicable disease.
  • Research on this condition related to health outcomes, educational opportunities, current trends for education of this population.
  • Describe important programming considerations when conducting an intervention on this topic with this population. Think about what you have learned in this class and include in your discussions content relevant to what you have learned.
  • Important resources you would like to share (non-profit agencies, website, media, etc)

Provide a 5-7 page overview of what you found. The paper should be double spaced with 1 inch margins. ! Grading criteria include neatness, amount and accuracy of information, clarity of written expression, spelling and grammar. Use headings to organize and break up the paper. Please site any secondary information using APA style. The paper will be scanned for plagiarism using Turnitin software. Do NOT cut/paste information into your paper; you need to appropriately site any information that is not yours or rewordee


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