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I am working on an assignment with a team . its not a real work it’s just an assignment that we need to post it in 2 days . so here is the story:-

Sapphire South
Padre Renovation and Conversion Project

Team DMMW Scheduling Consultants will support the selected
contractor (TBD) to plan and schedule the conversion of the “Sapphire South
Padre” from a hotel to residential condos with space for mixed retail
facilities on the premises.  The duration
to complete the work is 14 months for a contract amount of approximately $7.5
million dollars.  The data used to plan
and schedule the work is based on Team DMMW’s previous experience and available
public information on similar construction projects.  Team DMMW will model the schedule using MS

here is the website of the property

so we divided the work . as you can see my part is written next to my name ( jehani)

(1) Background with justification and priorities (mark)

-Intro story, opportunity justification

-The “Why”

-Role of the “group”

(2) Project Scope Document (mark)

-Project Lifecycle Graphic

-Scope Description

-Written Scope Statement

-Discussion of Execution Strategy

-Detailed WBS w/ work packages and
dictionary (jehani)

-Discussion of how scope supports
business case(

-Discussion for the basis of the design
of the WBS

(3) List of activities

-List of project activities required to
complete the project scope

-Each work package should show list of

-Estimated duration of each activity

-Explanation of how we developed the
activity list

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