WK 5 – Learning Activity 1 – REVISED – Due 9/15/15 @ 11:59PM Tonight

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Organization is the
phase in which the manager allocates resources both human and capital
within the organizational structure to best forward the vision and
purpose of the organization.


Annie is considering
amending her current organizational structure. Using your reading try to
advise her on what structure might work well to help solve her project

Annie currently has
four leadership team members that each head up one division: rifle
design, rifle manufacture, rifle customer service, and sales. They each
have final decision making authority within their departments.  Annie
says that she is thinking of creating an additional link in the decision
train for the new project with one department head that like the others
reports to the leadership team. Alternatively, should she feel the need
to disband the project after the client sale is complete Annie would
like to know what would happen if the fifth link were self-contained.
Explain how you would allocate the resources of the company to make the
new link in the train work on a daily basis? Be creative and practical
think of the types of people you would need to accomplish the goal,
money, resources of the business etc. Be sure to consider the various
other departments and how they would interface with the project team.
Alternatively, how would the link work if it were self- contained?

Read:  Principles of Management 1.1

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