Why is it important to include parents in the consultation/collaboration process? What insight might a parent have that a teacher may not?

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Please answer the following question: Why is it important to include parents in the consultation/collaboration process? What insight might a parent have that a teacher may not?

Please respond to each student:

(ROS) I believe parents are the first educators of their children. They also know their children inside out. Including parents in the consultation is very important because they may share certain information that will bring a spotlight to the whole story. Their participation also shows that they are eager to see their children or individual recieve help. Parents may make evaluation run smoothly and the interventions are put in place that will be effective and appropriate to individual students. K. Is one of my student, involvement of his grandmother who is his caregiver, helped in managing K’s behavior. K’s grandmother shared some of the most effective strategies used in calming, and motivating K to perform well at school and at home.


It’s vitally important to have parents involved in their child’s education – this become more pertinent when the students face academic, social, physical, and behavioral challenges. Often, students with ASD have all of these challenges. Students are behind grade level performance; avoid conversations, have difficulty with fine and gross motor skills; and can exhibit severe behaviors. Given these challenges, a teacher is able to write goals for the challenges and implement interventions, but this process is more effective if the parents are involved. If the COMPASS consultant is able to obtain information from the parents about the child’s interests and challenges, then she will be able to design supports that align to those areas. From there, the teacher should be able to effectively implement the intervention.


Re: Topic 4 DQ 1

Parents should be included in each step of the IEP process. Collaboration is imperative in order to serve the whole child in all environments. Parents have known the child their whold lives. They know what steps and processes it has taken for them to get where they are now. They know what each child is like in many environments, what works in different situations, the child’s full medical history, homelife, what makes them laugh, smile, what makes them feel better when they are hurt or scared and usually how to help them.

As a parent with a special needs child, I feel collaboration with the school can make a difference in their education.

Review “Positive Behavior Support Through Family-School Collaboration for Young Children with Autism,” by Blair, Lee, Cho, and Dunlap, from the Topics in Early Childhood Special Education (2010).


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