Why do you suppose drama is considered to be a form of literature?, english assignment help

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Read this article & answer the following questions ūüôā


1.Why do you suppose drama is considered to be a form of literature?

2.How does the website describe tragedy or tragic drama? Write your understanding in your own words.


The word theater is derived from the Greek word theasthai. What does that Greek word mean? What Greek word is the word Drama derived from, and what does that Greek word mean?


One of the more important aspects to Greek Theater is the chorus. Read a little about the chorus in Greek drama in the article Chorus.

When was the first evidence of dramatic literature? How did it come about?


Who was Thespis? What was his major contribution to the development of drama?

6.What are some reasons the masks were so important in Greek Theater?


In theater, what is a chorus?


In theater, how does the chorus contribute to the play?

9.The Greek play that we will read is called¬†Antigone, written by Sophocles. Sophocles wrote many Greek Tragedies but only a few survived the ages;¬†Antigone¬†is one of them. We will start¬†Antigone¬†in the next lesson, but for now let’s learn a little about Sophocles. Go to this article titled¬†Sophocles.

When was Sophocles born and when did he die?


What were some of Sophocles’ accomplishments?


After hearing a little about the play Antigone and some of his other plays, what do you think of Greek Tragedies? (There are no wrong answers to this question, just share some of your thoughts; i.e. Do they remind you of stories you have read. If so, in what way?)

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