why are you interested in the t site scholars program within the center for women in technology and what makes you a good fit for this program

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The papers are for a scholarship essay questions. It’s called the T-site Scholars program and supports new transfer students with financial need majoring in computer Science, Information system.The program itself is within the center for Women in Technology. And although not a requirement they support mainly women majoring in tech and minorities are also included because increasing diversity is the objective of the program. I’m a computer science major and I’m a black male. I’m from Ethiopia. I finished my secondary education in a French high school in Ethiopia. Therefore, I was fortunate enough to meet people from different background and get exposed to different cultures. I’m going to post you the link so please make sure to check it out so that you can read what the program is really about and what they are actually looking for. The questions you need to write essays for are as follows:

– Why are you interested in the T-SITE Scholars program within the Center for Women in Technology and what makes you a good fit for this program? For, instance you can talk about how it would allow me to connect with other transfer student from different backgrounds, Developing leadership skills etc and add other things that you think would grab the application reader’s attention. The money would also help me ease my financial burden.

-Describe your short and long term academic and career goals? short term academic goal is to get my bachelor’s in computer science and my master’s in cyber security. Short term career plan would database developer and work my way up to senior database administrator. You can elaborate on those points I mentioned above.

– Discuss your experiences and/or commitment to increasing the diversity of the computing and IT workforce.

I used to be apart of Montgomery college’s software development club where we used to encourage minorities and women as well by organizing an event called day of code. The main purpose of the event was to increase diversity. We used to invite guests that work in big companies like Microsoft to give speeches about their experience. Then after that we would have labs so that participants get exposed to programming and see if its something that they find interesting and would want to major in.

So these are the questions, I gave you a couple of points you can mention for the answers, please take your time and answer the questions thoroughly in an essay format by adding different points that you think might grab the application reader’s attention.

Link: https://cwit.umbc.edu/tsite/

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