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  • Analyze performance in your workplace by using a SWOT analysis
  • Suggest methods for capitalizing on strengths and opportunities while minimizing weaknesses and threats

700 words

Post your response.

1.Describe your perception of whistleblowing.

2.Describe what circumstances would be appropriate to blow the whistle and explain why.

3.Explain what factors influence the likelihood of you blowing the whistle in a corrupt organization

4.Explain how you, as an administrator, might encourage whistleblowing

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Chapter 9, “Corruption Control” (pp. 165-200)

Chapter 10, “Whistleblowing in Organizations” (pp. 201-227)

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The Whistleblower

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 120 minutes (on youtube)

Piovesan, C. (Producer), Rattray, C. (Producer), Kondracki, L. (Director). (2010). The whistleblower [Motion picture]. United States: Samuel Goldwyn Films.

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