Where does the courage to “deviate” and not give the wrong answer under such pressure come from?, assignment help

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25-75 words each post about what’s your opinions after read each post ( agree or disagree and why….)

Teacher question: Where does the courage to “deviate” and not give the wrong answer under such pressure come from? ( below is the post that the teacher ask the question about)

A factor in why individuals feel that they should socially conform, even when they don’t agree is peer pressures. Peer pressures are extremely high among adolescent and teen aged children. All children crave acceptance from the popular social group/informal social control. When deviance is brought into play for the outsider to fit in, the outsider will deviate to a bad judgement call outside of the norms, if that is what it takes to fit in with the peer group. Overall, the educational system promotes social conformity but peer groups will encourage social deviance to outsiders to gain acceptance.
Cultural and religious norms in some countries are considered immoral or unjust by American standards or norms. For instance, referring to Chapter 13 of Society: The Basics, “in rural Rajasthan, India female children are married by the age of fourteen” (Macionis, 2008, p. 380). America’s justice system see marriage of any child under the age of eighteen as a criminal offence and is seen as a deviant act.
Social institutions plays a major role in encouraging social conformity because of the rules and regulations that they enforce to make students abide by. When they do this the students that doesn’t adhere to these rules and regulations are considered to be rule breakers or deviants. These organizations promote conformity and treat those that doesn’t conform negatively. This promotes deviance. 
After reviewing “Solomon Asch’s Conformity Experiment Today”, it reminded me of follow the leader. My perception is that common sense doesn’t apply to those who are trying to fit in. The subjects seem to know the answerhttp://thesituationist.wordpress.com/2008/06/11/solomon-aschs-conformity-experiment-today/

First post:

I personally feel that sometimes people feel that the need to “fit in” with the rest of society. Sometimes people may even follow what’s going on naturally because it is the “norm” to do so. Some people may have special interest in what is going on and others might not have any interest at all. Even if they don’t want to they end up having some kind of interest because it so happens to be the “norm” and it’s everywhere. Social conformity can also be followed to prevent rejection from others that are consider normal or cool, or even followed by many people. This conformity can also cause someone to be involved in a situation and accept it in public but deny it in themselves that the feeling is wrong.

I believe that with social conformity involving schools, health care systems, the economy, and religious organizations can also lead the society in many good and bad ways. For example the religion that people may follow can be very important and that’s the way that people live by like the 10 commandments that says to be followed to be a “good” person and to be accepted in the group of religion or belief. Almost the same for every religion that people follow and live by. Another example would be society and celebrities. Many people are looking up to celebrities and famous people to see what they have and how they can get whatever they can to be like them. I personally think that this leads to a bad way of living because then people spend their lives trying to be like everyone else. Schools have always taught us how to behave and what we should know education and maybe some outside world things but not all. This can be both bad and good. Society and many other people has made education seem like the most important thing to have but it doesn’t apply to everyone. This can also be both benefiting and dragging to some people.

When I watched the “Soloman Asch’s Conformity Experiment Today”, I automatically sensed the fact that because it was a small group people would base off of what someone else had just said. I believe that the group didn’t have much confidence in their answers so then they depended on the person before themselves for the answer. I also think that if the hear the same response that they would catch on that maybe that was the right answer because everyone said the same answer. I believe that this was just no confidence in their own selves.

Second post:

Many people want to be accepted and they fear that if they don’t conform then they won’t have friends and it even goes further than that, they feel that they won’t get a boyfriend or girlfriend; we conform to the expectations of the group in order to avoid looking foolish. This trend can become particularly strong in situations where we are not quite sure how to act or where the expectations are confusing.

Social conformity plays I big role in schools, healthcare, economy and religious origination’s. For instance, many schools teach the children the basic things like how we should act towards others I really think this should be taught at home by parents and not at school. Further, the health care system in regards to cosmetic surgery comes from low self-esteem and what would seem to be a fundamental lack of acceptance of oneself. I believe the pressure from the media to be beautiful, thin and even glamorous. There are many other reasons in this issue some of which are just personal to the individual. With this in mind come religious originations which can cause or encourage bigotry against minority groups, such as gay people, women, and racial groups. In addition, Religion discourages free inquiry and restricts freedom of thought, by encouraging the idea that fundamental answers can only be found in a fixed and specific book or belief system. Preachers and religious leaders can also encourage a culture of unquestioning loyalty amongst their followers. With this said religion can also keep everyone in order and know right from wrong or many people will be doing what they want.

As I began to observe and watch the students from “Solomon Asch’s Conformity Experiment Today” many of the students were just answering what the other student said rather then what they feel is a confident answer. This just goes to show that many people rather fail and do what they see others doing rather than sticking with their own ideas.

Macionis, John J. (09/2008). Society: The Basics, 10th Edition. [VitalSource  Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from https://digitalbookshelf.argosy.edu/#/books/0558563139/

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