What steps need to be taken before we implement an organizational strategy?, Strategic Management help

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There are six discussion questions. Each discussion question needs to be between 125-175 words. Please include the question with the response in the completed work.

DQ 1

What steps need to
be taken before we implement an organizational strategy? Why are time frames so
important to the implementation of an organizations strategy? What role does
the sequence of execution play? 

DQ 2

How have the ideas
of constant improvement processes such as TQM, Six Sigma, and other improvement
processes affected the overall strategy of organizations? 

DQ 3

What phases does a
product go through during its life cycle? Is it possible for an organization to
avoid the eventual decline phase of a product or service? Why? If so or not,
how would your strategic planning process be affected?

DQ 4

Research a
company’s internal dynamics and the influence on business continuity along with
cultural and structural leadership considerations incorporated into the
implementation of the company’s strategy. What resources are being used for the
company to implement its strategy?

DQ 5

To improve, you must first standardize. Explain how a business can adapt to the Kaizen philosophy to make the most of continuous
improvement and to improve business process.

DQ 6

important for any organization to continually reappraise the business
environment and how it might change. Being ready to respond with well-developed
plans that are properly executed means the organization will move much faster
than its competitors in any such scenarios. Monitoring your business environment and anticipating change.

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