What are the change forces affecting outsourcing and how are stakeholders affected?

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  • Contrast the different change forces affecting outsourcing.
  • Discuss the various stakeholders and assess their influence on the issue and how they are affected by the issue.
  • Explains potential solutions and justify your choice.

You must use at least five scholarly sources

Analyze what needs to be done to realize that vision

Description of barriers to that vision.


Your introduction will have information about what will follow and a strong thesis statement. The reader wants to know what they will find and perhaps what are the reasons you have chosen this topic, or why is this topic significant.

Forces Affecting the Social Issue – (describe, then contrast various forces that you find in your research)

Stakeholders, Their Influence and Their Affects on This Issue

Potential Solutions and Why They Will Work (justify from research, your personal experiences and your thoughts)

Conclusion – (summarize for the reader – what did you tell them)

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