Western Civilization

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HIS 101 – Western Civilizations I

Short-Answer Questions (5 points each)

  • List the four criteria historians use to define civilization
  • List two similarities and two differences between a city-state and a poleis.
  • Define the term “redistributive economy” and name one civilization that did NOT use it.
  • Which civilization invented/is best known for the following:
  • Define the Neolithic Revolution. Briefly, why is it such an important turning point in the history of Western Civilization?
  • List two similarities and two differences between Sumerian cuneiform and the Phoenician alphabet.
  • Define “moral dualism.” What Greek first wrote about this idea?
  • Define “helot.” In what civilization did they live/work?
  • Define “Koine.” Briefly, what role did it play in the Hellenistic Age?
  • Define “arrete.” Briefly, what role did it play in transforming Greek society in the Archaic Age?

Written law:____________________________Poetry: __________________________

Theatre: _______________________________Calendar: ________________________

Long-Answer Essays (10 points each) – Answer 5 (only the first five attempted will be graded)

  • Compare and contrast ONE Classical Era philosopher with ONE Hellenistic Era Ethics/Philosophy movement. How do you explain the differences in their values and approaches. (Hint: explain each within its historical context.)
  • Compare and contrast New Kingdom Egypt with the Hittites of the same era. Why did their leaders eventually choose to refer to each other as “brother?” (Hint: What was taking place in this era?)
  • Compare and contrast the Assyrian and the Neo-Assyrian Empires, making sure to describe each empire’s societies and values. How do you account for their extreme differences?
  • While in Mesopotamia the city-state and empires were the primary forms of government, in Egypt a nation formed. Discuss why these two regions took such different directions. (Hint: make sure to define and explain the three types of government, and then consider such things as geography, climate, natural resources, and natural boundaries in your response).
  • The Minoans and Mycenaeans were both Greek peoples who developed civilizations in the eastern Mediterranean, yet they created very different civilizations. Describe these two civilizations. How do you account for the different directions these two groups chose?
  • Discuss why the Greek city-states all rejected monarchy in the Dark and Archaic Ages. What three types of government did they form instead? Describe each and give an example of each.
  • Compare and contrast the Persian Wars with the Peloponnesian Wars. While one led to the begin of the Golden Age for Athens, the other resulted in the end of the Golden Age. How do you explain this?

Put the following into chronological order (Exact dates not required)

Beginning of the Hellenistic Era, Start of the Bronze Age, Death of Socrates, New Kingdom Egypt, Akkadian Empire, Neo-Assyrian Empire, First Olympic Games, Hammurabi’s Law Code, Golden Age of Athens Begins, Rise of the Minoan Civilization

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