week4 journal

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Compare the two Hitchcock films you watched this week. What makes both of them distinctly Hitchcock creations? How do they differ? Of course the plots are different, but consider character types, the tone and mood of each film, and maybe even how each represents a different phase in Hitchcock’s career. As always, choose at least two scenes (one from each film—or more if you wish) to use as supporting examples for your argument. Screen shot each of them. Be specific in your analysis, and do not summarize.

Psycho (1:49:00)


The quintessential Hitchcock suspense film that inspired a generation of filmmakers and defined the genre. An eerie motel and a woman on the run from the police. The rest is movie history.


Vertigo (2:08:00)


A love story with many twists and turns. Enough to make anyone dizzy! It contains some of Hitchcock’s best and most daring cinematography (and that’s saying a lot), and it is every bit the psychological thriller that Psycho is.


Notorious (2:02:00)


First of all, it stars Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. Second, it’s WWII. Her father has colluded with the Nazis, and she is recruited by the CIA to spy on his former colleagues. Lots of intrigue, a fine script, superb acting, tense situations, and incredible direction.


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