Week 6 Software Products Discussion

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please answer the following discussion conversation as per the instructions in word document continue the conversation

The project manager walks into your team’s pod and starts criticizing the team’s performance. As the scrum master, you took the initiative to defend the team. The following hypothetical dialogue developed.

Project Manager: Team, I’m very disappointed with the team performance. I feel you have been falling behind and the work is not meeting standards.

Scum Master: Add your line(s)

Project Manager: I know, but your team’s average velocity is 18 story points per sprint.

Scum Master: Add you line(s)

Project Manager: I just found out that Team X can finish 43 story points on average! What do you say to that?

Scum Master: Add you line(s)

Project Manager: Continue the conversation

Scum Master: Continue the conversation

Fill in the missing parts in this hypothetical dialogue and post your completed conversation in a new thread. In peer responses, evaluate how effective your peer scrum master’s answers were. What do you take away from this exchange?

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