Week 6 – Research Project, summarize and display the results of your research, business and finance homework help

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Week 6 – Research Project**** Original work with each part answered in full with plagiarism report attached pls!!! a 3 page report doing the following:

  • Part 4: Results
    • Summarize and display the results of your research.
      Provide charts, graphs, tables, and so forth, as they might apply to
      your research.
    • State whether you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis based on your study; explain.
  • Part 5: Conclusion
    • Summarize the entire study and reflect on it
      • Consider the “take-home” message that management
        and other decision makers can use from this research to make informed
        business decisions.
      • Include the strengths and weaknesses of the study and suggestions for future research.
  • Part 6: References
    • Include a separate references page and cite all references within the text of the paper.

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