week 5 gen 480 team power point

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this is a team assignment. The only portion I need help with is the highlighted section. It is a 15 slide power point. It will need to be APA and there must be references. I will send you the information you need to complete the assignment once the agreement has been made. This assignment can not be late. This is the final assignment for my final class so I must have this sumbmitted on time. Please do not make and agreement if you are not 100% sure you can complete the assignment on time…. also there must be speaker notes




Week Five: Consultant Scenario Paper and Presentation


1.     Finalize a 2,800 to 3,500-word paper that includes the following:


a.     A summary of the type of consulting firm and the services you will offer 

b.    A description of the roles of each team member

c.     A detailed analysis of how the content or concepts from at least five undergraduate core courses facilitated the analysis, development,and preparation of your weekly assignments and your final presentation: Identify the courses and the specific content or concepts from each course.

d.    A reference list with at least 10 resources used in the analysis and development of your weekly assignments and your final presentation


2.     Prepare the consulting presentation.


a.     Prepare a 15 slide presentation, pitching your consulting company to a business. Convince the class that your firm should be hired. Use any appropriate visual aids.


b.    All team members must participate.

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