Week 5 assignments

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Week five:

All assignments must be formatted correctly; use MLA standards for font, spacing, and margins. See the website OWL at Purdue and look up MLA format for all of the information you will need in this class. Formatting will be graded!

Discussion Guidelines:

For discussion, please post and respond to classmates as helpfully as possible as everyone revises during our final days of the term!


I expect you to read the assignments carefully and respond thoughtfully and in interesting ways to the reading and to one another. You should always seek to expand the conversation, and not to end it.

Some Additional Information:

This week you are completing the second 2-page essay, and I am also asking you to read the document here, as you look ahead to beginning the research paper (a three-page draft of it) next week: https://www.csuchico.edu/egsc/documents/how_to_write_research_paper.pdf

Pay particular attention to the process of sifting through research. You will use any scholarly perspectives that are not the same as your thesis as counterarguments – after all, if a scholar presents an alternative reading, that is a counterargument even if they are not directly arguing against your position. For example, if you are arguing that a particular character is presented more sympathetically than many readers realize at first, then any analysis that scholars publish of that character which does not suggest that (which overlooks that) can be presented as other arguments that miss the mark.

You will also want to go over the research paper template and the model research papers this week as you look ahead to the research paper, and perhaps also review the essay template and model essay as you complete our second essay of the term.

Have fun!

As you work through the reading and your discussion post and responses to classmates, please E-mail me with any questions and keep in touch!

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