week 1 final project milestone research question

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Final Project Milestone: Research Question

During this course, you will develop a Final Project, a 10-15 page mixed methods research study proposal. It may be similar, but not the same as your capstone proposal. To help you pace yourself throughout the course, you will complete Final Project Milestones. These will inform, and sometimes represent, portions of your writing for the Final Project.

Be sure to review the Final Project Guidelines located in the Course Toolbox area of the Learning Resources. These documents provide details about the components you need to submit for your Final Project. You will be updating and refining your work primarily related to elements included in Chapter 1 and the chapter where your methodology is presented.

By Day 7 of Week 1

In a one-page document, submit the latest drafts of your research problem, purpose and research question(s). This information should align with your Prospectus and be updated from your approved Prospectus document.

  • The problem statement describes one research problem supported by the latest and greatest research in your field. Remember to start with a social problem and move from there to the research problem, which is supported by and identified as a gap in the literature.
  • The purpose statement flows from the problem statement, and identifies how your particular study will address the problem.
  • The research questions align with the purpose and the problem. In other words, answering your research questions will address the purpose and the problem of your study. The design of your study must help you answer the research questions.

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