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Watch film Oxyana:

Oxyana – Discussion Questions Assignment #3
1. Provide details about the opening scene. What kind of clues is it providing about
the setting of the documentary?
2. Describe the economic deprivation in Oceana.
3. Explain the connection between the closing of the coalmines and the presence of
drugs in Oceana.
4. What is an underground economy? Explain the process in terms of the drug trade.
5. What are the by-products of this underground economy, specifically focusing on
6. Explain the term “Appalachian Fatalism.”
7. Comment on the public performance of using drugs. Is there a normalization of
drug use in Oceana?
8. How does the documentary reinforce the “Hillbilly” stereotype? Give examples.
9. After you strip away the stereotypes, give examples where you see moments of
redemption and empathy among the people portrayed in the film.
10. Describe the physical condition of addiction. Why do you need “pills?”
11. Trace the beginnings of the drug addiction in a community. How does it evolve to
crisis status?
12. Describe your reaction upon the retelling of the story where the father murders the
mother and son over a drug dispute.
13. Should we hold pharmaceutical companies and doctors/dentists responsible for
easy access to pills?
14. “White girl trying to make it” – What is surprising about this statement?
15. How does one break the cycle of abuse?

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