Waste Management Brochure

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Resources: “The Story of Stuff” video in the Week Four Electronic  (transcript attached) SUS300 The Effects of Human Living.doc
Reserve Readings; Brochure Builder (I can build the brochure I just need the information to put in it)

Research waste in your area. How does your city, town, or state
manage waste? – I live in Los Angeles, California, USA
Create a brochure to hand out at local events and government meetings. I will create the brochure

Answer the following questions in your brochure:

• How is waste managed in your area?
• What are the current methods and initiatives for recycling, reducing,
and reusing in your area?
• How does waste management in your town compare to the
management in other locales?
• What effect does waste management in your area have on global
• What are at least three methods of alternative waste management
that would work in your area?

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