W1D1: Internal, Aftermath of WWII

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Objective: Students will explore the lasting impact WWII had on the United States and how post world war recovery helped shape domestic policy under Truman’s Administration.

As World War II drew to a close, the death of FDR ushered in a new president and a new direction for Americans.

  • On April 12th, 1945 Truman became president of the United States United States after Roosevelt’s death.
  • May 8th, 1945 Germany surrenders
  • August 14th, 1945 Japan surrenders
  • November 2nd 1948 11/02/1948: Truman elected for a second term and the Democratic Party retakes both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

From the Learning Resources (LR): Truman’s 1949 Inaugural Address (which is really the State of the Union January 5th, 1949) and the Election of 1948

Additional Resources:

1st Post: Using the documents provided, take into consideration Truman’s efforts to improve the economic, political, and social condition of America post WWII. What would you argue were two of Truman’s most significant challenges and forthright aims for the American people and why?

  • Be sure to include direct quotes from the primary source provided and cite them with Chicago style footnotes.
  • Identify the two challenges you focused your 1st discussion on in the subject line for easy identification.

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