Violence Prevention in Schools/Positive School Climate?

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Select one of the following scenarios and imagine how you as a school counselor will address the situation:

  • Scenario 1: For the past couple of months, several students have expressed concerns over the malicious cyber-bullying that has been occurring at school. Recently, two students have asked to transfer out of a class to avoid further humiliation. While there have been rumblings as to who the perpetrators are, there is a strong sense of fear from the victims of the bullying and they are reluctant to share names for fear of backlash.
  • Scenario 2: The lunch room monitor at the middle school brought forward concerns regarding a couple of students who have not been eating lunch. After meeting with the students, the monitor learned that the students have had to relinquish their lunches to a gang member. One day after school, the gang member punched them and threatened to harm the students’ siblings at a local elementary school if the food stopped coming. The incidents used to take place in the restroom, but now the gang members are targeting the students at various sites.

In your post, complete the following for your chosen scenario:

  1. Identify how you might approach the further investigation with students.
  2. Identify how you will involve key stakeholders in this school-wide issue.
  3. Propose an intervention or prevention strategy that addresses the issue.


Research your school’s district website (RIDGELAND HARDEEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL) and investigate the expectations for creating a respectful and safe school environment. Then:

  • Identify the programs at your school site that support respect for students, responsibility, self-awareness, and social control that contribute to a positive and respectful school environment.
  • What do the school and district have specifically to support LGBTQ students? What would you add to support the LGBTQ community?
  • Identify how the program relates to the ASCA National Model.
  • Discuss the school counselor’s role as a system change agent.

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