Values and visions

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Part 1

o Complete the process of considering and determining your personal vision.

o Post a statement of your personal vision and comment on your experience of completing this exercise. In your posting, experiment with the following questions:

Ask yourself, “If I could have that vision now, would I take it, and what does that vision bring me?”

Imagine that you are the leader of a team”whymight it be important for the people you are leading to understand your personal vision?

Would it be valuable to have a conversation with your team about their personal visions? How could their personal visions overlap in service with what you are trying to accomplish as a team?

Part 2

o Post a prioritized list of your top five values.

o Indicate how they support or detract from your personal vision, and why they are important to you.

Why might it be important as a leader to share your personal values, or to create a conversation about values, to highlight a change from where you are now to where you want to be?

How does where we want to be relate to what we value?

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