stats assignment MUST get an A

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D, Shelf height may affedt the volume of sales for cereal in order to determind whether or not there is any effect on average sales due to shelf position, a marketing consultant chooses four typical outlets, a supermarket, a drug store, a discount store, and a variety store, and for one week places the coreal chosen at one eys level. A resting week follows and the product is moved to another height ond so on for four different shelf positions. Does shelf position affect the average sales of the cereal could the type of atore possibly affect the averago salos of thn cereal? There is a data set attached 


The homework is about Randomized Block Design” ANOVAs”

The Answer should be in a document no less than 150 words “NO USE OF FIRST AND SECOND PERSON” and a excel sheet containing a graph.


The answer should explain:

1what method was used. 

2explain the steps.


4decision accourding to the question.


I must get an A or I fail this class so please message me know if you can do it.

thank you.



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