Nutrition Food Sciences Power Point

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 * I will attached the introduction, rubric and the example power point below. Please make the power point and write the notes in the Word document that could help me to do the presentation.


This is a group work. The topic for my group is carbohydrates. We dicide the food we discover is pasta, and we look for three different types of pastas: whole wheat, gluten free and regular pasta. 

– My job is do the whole wheat one.  I also need to do the Part 1. Introduce nutrients and products, Part 2. Your opinion and the whole wheat in Part 3 and then my opinion in Part 5.(You could find the five parts in the introduction document I attached, and you just need to follow the steps and contents. You also need to follow the rubric, so that’s easier to know that point the professor will give the credits. I also attached the example PPT, hope that could help)

So you need to do the whole Part 1 and 2, and only whole wheat part in the Part 3 and Part 5.=D Thank you!


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