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Solve the problem

An auditorium has 25 rows with 10 seats in the first row 12 in the second row, 14in the third row, and so forth. How many seats are in the auditorium?

A fruit is made up cantaloupe, strawberries, and bananas. If a salad weighing 75 ounces contains three ounces of bananas for every ounce of strawberries and has the same number of ounces of cantaloupe and strawberries, how many ounces of bananas are in the salad?

Result of a survey   of fifty  students  indicate that 30 like red jelly beans,29 like green jelly beans and 17 like both red and green jelly beans. How many of the students surveyed like neither red jelly nor green jelly beans?

Find the sum of the following arithmetic sequence:


Convert the base-ten number to a number in the indicated base

2874 to base five

Write the numeral base

200 six

Provide an appropriate response

The Cartesian product A* B is given by  (a,p),(a,q),(a,r),(b,p),(b,q),(b,r).Write down the sets A and B.

Provide an appropriate response

Is it possible or not possible to step up a one to one correspondence between {4, 2, 9, 5,} and {-4,2,-9,5}

Determine if the following is a function or not

The set of ordered pairs {(animal, zebra), (bird, parrot), (flower, rose), (tree, elm)} from the set {animal, bird, tree flower}to the set {zebra, parrot, rose elm}

For the given Hindu-Arabi numeral write an equivalent numeral in the indicated system

210 babylonian

11000 Egyptian



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