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Write a brief (3-4 pages) paper on the following topic. The paper must be in printed form, and is due one week from the date on which the topic is assigned (i.e June 9). Late papers will be penalized one letter grade per day tardy. The papers will be graded on content, style, clarity and presentation.

TDuring the Modern Age a revolution occurred in all of the Visual Arts, but sculpture has seen perhaps the most radical changes. Discuss the development of modern sculpture from 1914 to the 1990s, focusing on major artists and their works. What new materials have sculptors used in this period, and what new aesthetic aims have been presented through these materials? In recent years, what new spatial concerns have sculptors shown in the presentation of their works? What sorts of themes have been used in sculpture since 1914? Illustrate your discussion with references to specific artists and their works, using illustrations in your textbook or the course pdfs. Do not provide content or illustrations taken from the Internet. Do not do research for this paper. Summarize coherently what you have learned from the course materials.

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