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Write helpful responses to the students posts, Give constructive feedback, state how you agree or disagree with them, and state your opinion. keep it positive.

1) Student response:

“Making an offensive gesture in the public” that “incites breach of peace” is considered as committing disorderly conduct and it is C misdemeanors. This action may be done by sensitive gesture that may evoke unpleasantness to the public. One example of this public order crime is the situation when a person points his or her middle finger to one another in the park and approaches the target with threatening gesture.

“Creating, by chemical means, a noxious or unreasonable odor in a public place setting off a stink bomb or something similar” is a C misdemeanor. This action may involve the unpleasant smell in public. One example of this public order crime is the situation when the person brings stinky tropical fruit called Durian in the public place and makes people beside uncomfortable.

Discharging a firearm in a public place or displaying a “firearm in a manner calculated to cause alarm” is considered as committing disorderly conduct but it will be punished as a B misdemeanor. One example of this public order crime is the “road rage incident where motorist displays but does not point a handgun at another motorist he or she displays a firearm in a manner calculated to cause alarm.” Exceptionally, this can be considered as a B misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

2) Student response:

I think Harwell did intend to exchange sex for money in this situation because she was loitering in the part of town that is known for prostitution, she voluntarily got into Officer Miller’s car, and agreed to fellatio without agreeing to exactly what price. I think there was a legal agreement made that Officer Miller was acting undercover to coerce Harwell into verbally agreeing to exchange sex for money without performing any acts.

I think we are able to conclude Harwell intended to engage in prostitution without the agreement of the amount because she completed other elements of the crime, 1) A person who knowingly or intentionally performed, or offers or agrees to perform sexual intercourse or deviate sexual conduct. Which she did by agreeing to perform fellatio. By replying “No” by Officer Miller’s question of if the service would be less than $20.00 she is stating that the cost would be between a penny and twenty dollar which satisfies the second element of prostitution, 2) for money or other property commits prostitution. I don’t think her consent was conditional because Harwell approached and entered Miller’s vehicle and also agreed to perform fellatio on Officer Miller before discussing the price. She agreed to sexual acts costing between $.01 and $20.00.

I think there was a “meeting of the minds” between Officer Miller and Harwell because she told Miller where to go so she could perform the acts that they both acknowledged which mets Black’s law definition of agreement “mutual understanding between two or more persons about their relative rights and duties regarding past or future performances.”

I would say she was convicted for engaging in the act of prostitution because she “agreed to perform, sexual intercourse or deviate sexual conduct” and that would be considered as engaging in the act. People can’t be convicted for a “status offense”.


Contemporary Criminal Law, Concepts, Cases and Controversies, Matthew Lippmann, 4th Ed.

3) Student response:

Treason is aiding the enemies of the United States by giving them information or doing something that cause war against the United States. Or giving aid to the person who is betraying the United states. Or betraying the United States. Treason can also be aiding someone who has betrayed the United States by giving the help or comfort.

I think that Edward Snowden’s actions meet the definition of treason. Even though his initial intent was to inform the people of America about how the government is spying on us without us knowing. He also should have known that with the technology we have, news of this would travel to other country. He also informed us that Obama and the government is also spying on other countries. He is betraying the United States by making the private information that he has obtained known to the rest of the world. His punishment should be 5 years in prison because he just wanted the people to know that they are being watched without their consent.

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