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For this assignment, you will research the factors that contribute to an ideal test environment for your software and prepare a requirements traceability matrix (RTM). Locate a RTM template on the Internet to use as your starting point. RTM should have at least 3 columns: ID, Requirements, and Component. ID should be the unique ID of the requirement. Requirements should be the actual testable “shall” requirement. Component should be the component(s) of the software or system that has been allocated for this functionality (i.e., user interface, security, etc.).

In your key assignment document, provide the following:

  • Create a section that describes an environment supportive of software testing. Describe all required resources including the skills and competencies of the testing staff.
  • Begin development of your requirements traceablity matrix (RTM). Be sure to provide a link to the source of the template used. For this assignment, you are just populating the ID and description of all requirements subject to test. You will complete the rest of the RTM in Week 3.

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