writing assignment 113

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Listen to stories on the Story Corps website, and choose one that you really like. Next, search and read essays on the This I Believe website. Again, choose one you especially like. Next, search the link here to TED talks on literature (there are 21). Listen to, and find, one that interests you. Finally, listen to ONE of the THREE interviews from the On Being website (you can choose from three very famous writers, Junot Diaz, Marie Howe, or Nikki Giovanni).

When you have your choice from each of these 4 websites, do the following:

1) Identify the author, title, and date; 2) Summarize the main ideas from the source; do this with a good amount of detail . . . I want you to list and explain the ideas in a way that shows you listened to the entire source and have a thorough understanding of the ideas; 3) Tell which ideas you found most interesting, and why; 4) List a few questions you might ask the author if you could meet with him or her; 5) Give a very brief biographical sketch of the author, if available; 6) State your personal response to the source (feelings, associations, opinions, likes/dislikes, etc.).







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