i have an assignment that due at 9th december

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There will be an online essay project which will be 3 essay questions. 300 words per essay (maximum). You may quote other sources, including the textbook, but you may not plagiarize content without giving credit. You must write your own words. Using The Africana Experience textbook, lecture, and PowerPoints on Blackboard, answer the following questions. Create an original essay using your own words. If you use another source, including the textbook, be sure to include quotes and a works cited. Any academic citation style is fine. Use 14-16 point font. Use a maximum of 300 words.

You can use the topic ( Celebrity culture, sports celebrities and the media, sports revenue).

1. What contributions have African-descended individuals made to the visual arts? (Be specific). Mention at least one female artist in your answer.

2. Choose one major religion that we have studied and that is practiced by African-descended individuals. Define and describe the main features of this religion. (Be precise). Give your opinion about how this religion can be both a source of persecution and/or a source of liberation. (Give examples).

3. How would you describe African Americans’ involvement in the political and economic system? (Be specific. Mention historical involvement, the main issues concerning the community, and the current situation). Do you think African Americans would support an African American candidate regardless of the political agenda? What issues attract African American voters to the Democratic or Republican parties, respectively?

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