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Learning Objectives and Outcomes

 Identify and describe the legitimate uses of Airshark.

Assignment Requirements

Airshark is a free, open-source, Layer 2 network analysis tool used for sniffing, capturing, and analyzing packets on a WLAN. Airshark is a wireless variant of the popular, but unaffiliated, Wireshark protocol analyzer for wired Ethernet networks.

Airshark works by running the network interface in promiscuous mode to capture all traffic on the wireless network. Airshark can pinpoint Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) conversations and threads, presenting them in a color-coded display, which makes it easy to follow the interactions between devices within any given conversation. Additionally, the software looks inside the packets to reveal headers and ports and in-depth drilldowns into the payload of each packet within the TCP stream.

For this assignment, identify and describe at least three legitimate uses of Airshark.

Recommended Resources

 Course textbook

 Internet access

Submission Requirements

 Format: Microsoft Word or compatible

 Font: 12-point, double-space

 Citation Style: Follow your school’s preferred style guide

 Length: 1–2 pages

Self-Assessment Checklist

 I researched Airshark.

 I wrote a summary report that identifies and describes at least three legitimate uses of Airshark.

 I followed the submission requirements.

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