ece497 week 5 discussion 1

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Respond to a peer with further suggestions on how to work with Connor to enjoy his time in class, or with further ideas on how we can be respectful of cultural and social differences in discipline. 150 words or more.

Week 5 Discussion 1

What feedback would you give to this parent (keeping in mind that we must be respectful of parenting choices) and why?

First I would see if I was in ratio to be able to go outside the classroom to talk to mom, trying to talk to her with all the children entering your classroom and her son hiding behind the cubby is not appropriate. If there is no one to cover so that I can talk to mom I would ask her if she is ok, and kindly tell her that I will call her later when there is a better time to talk. I would tell her to take some deep breaths and calm herself down. When I do finally get an opportunity to talk to her, I would explain to her that I could see she was very upset with her son, but we cannot allow her to grab, scream, and spank him on school premises and how that upsets the other children coming into the center. I would acknowledge her feelings, and what she thinks started the anger her son was feeling that morning when he entered school. I don’t want mom to feel bad about herself, so I would discuss with her that when he is angry she needs to take a few breaths to calm herself down, after doing so she could either ask the teacher to help her, or talk to her son about how he is feeling, and why he is feeling that way. There could be many reasons that he entered school on this particular day so upset, but for example, maybe he was very tired, when getting out of the car mom was impatient with him and told him that he wouldn’t be able to play with his video games after school. In this case she could talk to him while driving to school about how tired he is, tell him that I know when I’m tired it’s hard to go to work, and that when we get to school we can ask your teacher if it’s ok for you to lay down in the library/quiet area until you are ready to join in the activities. I would give the mom suggestions on giving him choices, talk about his feelings, and ways he can settle himself down, such as breathing. I would also give her some facts about the type of punishment she used, and how it only promotes immediate compliance, not lasting changes in behavior (Berk, 2013).

How could this feedback potentially have a positive effect on this child’s behavior?

This type of feedback will help mom feel better about herself as a parent. If she uses the calm down breathing, giving her son choices, and talking about his feelings will help him calm his self-down as well. Working as a team the parent and the teacher can help the child deal with his feelings. Frequent conversations with the teacher will help the mom feel supported and helps the teacher to understand what is going on in the family’s home so she can give other types of suggestions to help mom deal with her own anger.

How would you help Connor enjoy his class time? Will you talk to him about what happened? If so, what will you say? If not, why?

I would help Connor by talking to him about his feelings and its ok to be mad, but when he feels like that he needs to stop, think, and make good choices. I will help him to learn these techniques in a kind way. I might need to give Connor a job so that he feels needed and special, for example not a job that is on our job chart, but letting him hold my attendance sheet when we leave the classroom. When I talk to him I would take notice verbally of his posture, his expression, so he knows I’m recognizing his how he is feeling. I would give him encouragement, kindness, and affection (if he is ok with that), and give him a safe place to hang out if he is not ready to join the group.

How can we respect cultural and social differences in discipline while still upholding the regulations of the setting in which you are working?

I think it’s important that we explain these things to the families at enrollment, or parent orientation that we cannot accept any kind of corporal punishment in our buildings, or while in our care. If what happened as in this situation, I would ask the parent to calm down, and remind them of this school rule. How that kind of actions scares other children and increases their own child’s self-worth.


Berk, L. E. (2013).Child development. (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

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