US History Final

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From time period 1700-1800

  • Some names/Terms that could be in the examSeven Years’ War, Line of Proclamation, Industrial Revolution, Regulators, speculators, squatters, strollers, planters, soil exhaustion, impressment, Stamp Act, Tea Act, Boston Tea Party, Coercive (Intolerable Acts), battles of Concord & Lexington, Declaration of Independence, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Articles of Confederation, battle of Saratoga, battle of Yorktown, Peace of Paris, Land Warrants, War Bonds, Shay’s Rebellion, Constitutional Convention, 3/5 Compromise, Great Compromise (large vs. small states) Alexander Hamilton, ratification, Federalists, Anti-Federalists (National Republicans), Land Ordinance, Northwest Ordinance, Northwest Indian War, Battle of the Wabash (1791), Battle of Fallen Timbers (1794), French Revolution, Napoleon, debt assumption, Bank of the United States, excise tax, Whiskey Rebellion,

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