Crisis management

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Replies should be no less than 75 words.

1. This reply should be addressed to Tarsha Harris

When working amongst different people, there are also different types of attitudes and beliefs. Some are positive and of course some are negative. “Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values and beliefs that governs how people behave in organizations. An organization with a positive culture helps employees learn and grow in their jobs and careers. An organization with an ethical culture provides a culture that promotes ethical behavior among the members of the organization. Unethical behavior is any activity by a member of an organization that does not conform to the standards set by the culture of that organization”.(McLaughlin) There are a plethora of ways to ensure that ethical behavior is exercised within a company. Implementing training courses, ethic hotline and ethic audits are just a few of the many ways to improve the ethical culture of an organization. If a company’s manager does not set examples for what is to be expected, the organization want have a clue as to what is acceptable or not. “Changing the culture of an organization is a large undertaking; culture is, after all, the prevailing belief system within the organization. Some cultures simply look the other way when an ethical breach occurs, whereas others are committed to ethical standards in any business decision”.(Trevino,Hartman & Brown, 2000). It is the management’s responsibility to make sure that each and every one in the organization are treated the same way regardless of belief and etc. Many organizations even choose to overlook regulations and eventually face catastrophic outcomes causing them to be in trouble with the government.

2. This reply should be addressed to Rosalind Lyons

This weeks reading gave us great information on dealing with ethics within crisis management. I really feel as though must business have to set a standard of ethical practices that they operate in. The reading gave several great examples of ethical practices such as installing a code of ethics and implementing ethics training.(Crandell,Spillan,2014) These practices are the ones my organization currently use. I find them to be very beneficial to our daily operation standards. Because it allows all state employee to operate with the same standards rather you are the Governor or the janitor. However, practices like providing an ethics hotline and appointing chief ethics officers are also great ideas that I believe would also improve an organizations ethical culture. (Crandell,Spillian,2014) I first believe to understand ethics in organization a clear definition must first be given. For example the book gives us a definition of business ethics, can you use that same definition in a court room. I do no believe that you can because the definition is also defined by it’s environment. Business ethics is defined as right or wrong behaviors in a business environment. If your organization gives you a clear definition along with their standard for their ethical practices you will know rather or not you are making the right decision for your business rather you are self employed or work for others. I great crisis management strategy will gave guide lines on with is ethical right or wrong in a business operations standards.

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