I need a 5 page mla format essay on the movie quot The Witch quot

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Prompt: Choose one of the following options for your essay: 1. How does Kristeva’s theory of abjection relate to The Witch? Form an analysis of the movie using this theory. 2. How does The Witch use the folktale genre and gothic elements to illustrate horror? Use a historical lens as a foundation to this analysis. 3. Choose a character from the film and thoroughly deconstruct this character. What is the character’s motivation, fears, or how does this character contribute to the horror? Use abjection theory and/or a psychological lens. 4. How does the movie present good vs evil? Explain this struggle and the overall message of the film. You can use religious history and/or theology, etc. Tips: Use specific themes or motifs to build your analysis. I am open to other possible subjects to your paper, but you do need to talk to me about it first. Requirements: • MLA Format • 4-5 pages • Sources: 2-3, use the ones I’ve provided or sources of your own choosing

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