Evolution of Your Art Interpretation

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Select a contemporary work of art or architecture from one of the links below:

Provide a brief analysis of the work of art using the questions art historians ask and the words art historians use. Consider the media (materials), methods, subjects of the work of art, and the reflections of the region and Contemporary Art movement.

How do the political, philosophical, religious, and social contexts impact the art of today? How does Contemporary Art differ from Baroque Art, which you studied earlier in this course?

Now that you have seen how art evolves over time and throughout history, reflect upon how your interpretation of art has changed since you examined the A Fall with the Rebel Angels

What differences are there between the ways you interpreted that work of art in Week 1 to your interpretation now? How will these changes impact the way you view art moving forward?

**** Previous Interpretation ****
“A Fall With the Rebel Angels started off a little too busy for me as the cam would move around and being a Buddhist I wouldn’t understood the entire work with the narrating. However I do know part of the story being portray in the work. I actually watched the clip a few time without audio so that outside influence wouldn’t hinder my thoughts and I must say that even though it was quite busy I could tell that the tale was portraying the victory of angels in their battle against evil.”

Must be at least 300 words in length and selected work cited properly.

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