case study 4 Landmark Dining Team Processes

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You have to read the case. 1.5 page

Using the case study “Landmark Dining: Team Processes” from the text (Chapter 8, the case begins on page 356) prepare the assigned paper. Your paper should be formatted in the form of a memo to the company (as if you were a consultant providing them with direction). You should identify each area of concern with regard to team performance, and list 3 specific, actionable, objectively measurable recommendations for each of these concerns.

Your paper should meet the following guidelines:

  1. Microsoft Word document.
  2. No spelling or grammatical errors.
  3. Double spaced.
  4. 12 point font.
  5. Margins 1.5 inch top and bottom, 1 inches left and right.
  6. A title page in APA format (see the instructions for how to do this in the Syllabus and Course Info folder)
  7. A minimum of four pages.
  8. Professional language and phrasing, written in a style which could be delivered to the company senior management.

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