final paper about managing an incident related to public health

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Read the CDC document entitled Public Health Preparedness: Mobilizing State to State. There are nine preparedness goals in the background section. Choose one of the 5 public health emergencies listed below and write a 3000 word paper (plus or minus 10%) that briefly describes the incident and then how and why aspects of the incident were handled well or could have been handled better according to this document. Each of the nine main goals of the CDC document must be addressed in your paper. If a particular one does not apply, state why (with a detailed enough explanation to support your opinion) and move on. I expect that you will be able to discuss or cite relevant topics we cover in the course as evidence that you have read the material and are facile enough to write about the importance of this subject matter even if you are not an expert. Do not include irrelevant extraneous material. The paper should utilize APA format.


  1. Enterovirus D68 in the United States (August 2014-present)
  2. Multistate Meningitis Outbreak (epidural steroid injections) October 2012
  3. H1N1 outbreak US 2009/10
  4. E. coli contamination of spinach 2006
  5. SARS outbreak 2003

Important notes:

1- Use FEMA resources to expand your thoughts ( or any other scholary articles

2- Use proper APA format for citation

3- It is all about managing disasters (related to public health issues such as the topics mentioned above)

4- Only choose one topic from the choices mentioned above.

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