teaching critical thinking to children

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Writing Response 4: Teaching Critical Thinking to Children

Due on Canvas by Monday 12/4 by 11:59pm. One minute late is late.

Most toys have explicit functions, which sets the parameters for how children are “supposed” to play with them. However, in Consuming Children we see how this conditions children to not think creatively because they don’t trust the power of their imaginations.


• Design a game, toy, activity, or form of media (commercials, advertisements, film, etc) that promotes critical thinking.

• How does this promote “real play”? (creative, unbounded play)

• How does this teach the skills needed to not be misled by the sophists in the media?

In case you missed the in-class film viewing of Consuming Children or want to watch it again:

Requirements: 2 pages minimum, double spaced, times new roman, 1-inch margins.

WARNING: Submitting this assignment to Canvas will check for plagiarism and originality through Turnitin.com. Do not cheat—it’s not worth it. I report all instances of plagiarism to the Honor Council.

I only accept the following file formats: doc, docx, pdf, txt, and rtf. (This means Google docs and Pages files are unacceptable). If you do not use the proper file format then the assignment will receive a 0.

Also, Turnitin.com will not process file names with special characters, including dashes. If Turnitin.com does not accept your file then I cannot grade it and it will receive a 0.

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