Hofstede Model

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Refer to Hofstede model in Chapter 4 of the textbook and the Global Business Today Interaction, and complete this assignment. Note: the Global Business Today Interaction can be found in the Student Center of the online course shell.

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

1. Create a problem statement for the client, Azure Sky Tea, based on the Hofstede model.

2. Classify possible combinations of countries for location of the Azure Sky Tea’s offices based on the Hofstede model. Include a discussion of the home country’s (U.S.) relative position on the Hofstede scales as compared to other countries. Note: Utilize the Hofsetede module to include all parameters (i.e., individualism, uncertainty, power distance, masculinity) for the classification.

3.Choose two (2) countries as potential locations for the Azure Sky Tea’s new international offices. Next, develop a set of specific recommendations for the company. In your recommendations:

      1. Include the preliminary data that you gathered in the previous question.
      2. Demonstrate the most important dimensions of the Hofstede model for Azure Sky Tea to consider as a U.S. company and for the industry that it represents. 
      3. Predict the economic opportunities of your recommendations.

4.Speculate on the main potential risks inherent in relocating to the countries that you are considering. Suggest at least two (2) approaches that the Azure Sky Tea leadership could leverage to mitigate the potential risks that you have identified. 

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